World Travelers..

I had such an amazing opportunity to shoot this family who was visiting one of my dear friends on vacation here in Hawaii. Jun Young and her sister haven’t seen each other in 3 YEARS and spent the last month with their little ones exploring the island and enjoying every minute they had together. Lim and her family live in Saudi Arabia but are originally from South Korea. I am so thankful for my friend Jun Young for helping me guide them through this shoot as they spoke little English, and it was nice for them to have a familiar face during the session 🙂

As I was driving to Bellow’s AF Station for this shoot I was a little worried as the mountains coming out of the tunnel were covered in clouds and there was a slight drizzle as I drove closer. But needless to say that the colors of the sky and natural scenery did not disappoint! Lim also requested that she didn’t want any “kissy” poses, but even with their natural chemistry, you can see that these two really love eachother. Without the “kissy” poses needed! Also note that their son had THE BEST facial expressions, and really made everyone laugh out loud with his crazy looks!

A few days after this shoot they were heading to South Korea for a few weeks to visit more family, then heading back to Saudi Arabia. These world travelers definitely have made some great memories this summer and I hope they can take these pictures back home and they can remind them of their amazing trip to Hawaii! Safe Travels!!


I thought I was from the Windy City…

So I have officially published my first shoot in Hawaii! I have a ton of work displayed from back in Omaha, but how are my Hawaii clients supposed to get an idea of my work by seeing pictures from a field in Nebraska? I am so grateful for the Semder family with taking me to a beautiful location to take their photos.

IT WAS SO WINDY. It is seriously my worst nightmare for sessions; wind. Their 3 little girls were so brave and so patient with me. As a photographer you want everything to be perfect for your clients, but wind is definitely one thing we cannot control. I just happened to be so lucky to have such a photogenic family to shoot, so natural beach hair it is!

After we wrapped up shooting the girls raced towards the cave that was nestled behind the beach and had a little fun before we hiked back up to the scenic lookout. Here are just a few of my favorites of this beautiful family!




Hello world!

As I start working with families on Oahu, I will be posting featured galleries and showing highlights of each session. Stay tuned and come back often to see new and beautiful pictures!

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