Having two little girls of my own has completely changed the way I take photographs. Not only for children, but even for adults and families. Candid photos are where I truly think someone's personality shines through and makes the perfect photograph. Some of my favorite pictures are where your face isn't even in the frame. Not that I don't want to see your beautiful face, but you get what I mean.

I have had a love for photography for over 15 years now, and I'm finally taking the next step and bringing my photography passion to others. I took photography all through high school and college where I was taught how to develop and print my own photos in a dark room. In my past life, circa April of 2016, I worked as a surgical tech full time for about 7 years, until we moved to Hawaii in May of 2016. My husband and I are originally from Chicago, so the Hawaii weather and scenery are a complete change for us, but in the best way possible. 80 and sunny all year round? Why yes, please go on...

In my photo sessions, you won't be "posing" for pictures, but more so naturally embracing your body and the way you move. Of course you'll get some posed shots, but my main focus is not about that. You are trusting me with an entire year's worth of pictures being displayed in your home. I don't want people to see who you were for that 60 minute session, I want them to see how you always are. Just shot on a really sweet camera with a really awesome background.

Some of my favorite things are Diet Coke, Zombies, video games (preferrably Grand Theft Auto and Dead Island), but please don't hold that against me if you're more of a first person shooter. Oh, and also photography ;). My family and friends are everything. My daughters, Grace and Isla, are my best friends. And I have a strong feeling that Hawaii is going to be pretty good to me.


The Workspace

I use Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom to store and create your memories.

I use a Nikon D750 Body with normally an 35mm Sigma Art lens. I usually carry around my 16-35mm NIKKOR lens just in case I feel like it's necessary for the shoot!

My iMac has 4K Retina display to ensure that all of my editing is completed precisely and without distortion.

I work from my home office, all while I'm taking tea time breaks, setting up all the Peppa Pig toy scenarios, and eating lots of food.