I thought I was from the Windy City…

So I have officially published my first shoot in Hawaii! I have a ton of work displayed from back in Omaha, but how are my Hawaii clients supposed to get an idea of my work by seeing pictures from a field in Nebraska? I am so grateful for the Semder family with taking me to a beautiful location to take their photos.

IT WAS SO WINDY. It is seriously my worst nightmare for sessions; wind. Their 3 little girls were so brave and so patient with me. As a photographer you want everything to be perfect for your clients, but wind is definitely one thing we cannot control. I just happened to be so lucky to have such a photogenic family to shoot, so natural beach hair it is!

After we wrapped up shooting the girls raced towards the cave that was nestled behind the beach and had a little fun before we hiked back up to the scenic lookout. Here are just a few of my favorites of this beautiful family!